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The way they word their ad is confusing
I thought I was buying a 3 month trial but £200 was taken out of my account straight away,like RAPID, then the fun started after to trying to contact them for a refund half the money was reimbursed was told to send Gummies back then can have other 100 back. sent them back on the same day but despite that no money returned and all trace of contact disappeared

Date of experience : January 25, 2022

I knee pain gone have a degenerative knee condition…

I have a degenerative knee condition from a motorbike accident I had in my teens. I am 64 now and was really starting to suffer with my left knee.i started to take these gummies about 3 months ago after a course of pain killers from my doctor . After taking these gummies for 2 months I can honestly say they have made a massive difference, I no longer have pain in my knee and am walking about 90,000 steps a week with my dogs.

Date of experience : September 11, 2021

My sister was conned out of nearly £200…

My sister was conned out of nearly £200 she is 76 and vulnerable, however I explained the situation and they sent me a RMA number and address to return the unopened jars, my sister received a total refund
Here is the address
RMA returns
Dunston Distribution centre,
Christy Way
Basildon Essex
Good luck

Date of experience : September 01, 2021

my dad made a purchase for a pot of…

my dad made a purchase for a pot of these gummies and was conned as they took nearly £300 out of his bank and automatically subscribed him a few months worth at once without him asking or purchasing that amount amd even when he did take them they didn’t work at all..i agree with every other review

Date of experience : September 04, 2021

Dissatisfaction …

I also took the offer to mean 3 pots and 2 free, was charged 198.00 and received a refund as per other reviewer,
They sent them to my billing address I had just moved, they ignored my request to use delivery address, which caused a day of waiting around at my old address, I don’t believe they have made any improvement to my MS and I am probably just eating a very expensive daily jelly sweet . Every internet search is marketing & goes to
their website.
Disappointing and unkind treatment of customers who have hope in this product.

Date of experience : July 15, 2021

The gummies did not have the slightest…

The gummies did not have the slightest effect on the tinnitus, no improvement at all. Then one month later they sent slimming tablets saying they had been ordered with the gummies. Obviously they hadn’t. My bank card was debited. I told them I didn’t want them and hadn’t ordered them. They told me to return them and I would get a refund. I therefore returned them and I didn’t receive a refund. Several emails later, they said the first refund was blocked so they did another. Needless to say this refund has never arrived either. Be very cautious if you deal with this company.

Date of experience : July 15, 2021

Waste of time

I bought 5mnths worth of 25mg gummies they are very expensive and don’t do anything for me very misleading of what they do and took 9 weeks to deliver.I previously bought from H and B Jacob Hood 10mg they really worked so going back to them

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Date of experience : October 27, 2021

rror with payment but refunded to…

Error with payment but refunded to correct payment. 1st gummies bottle OK just as I expected as was 2nd. Using for Thyroid health and MS have noticed less stiffness so better walking. Great night’s sleep. Last night opened a new bottle and no gummies just a hard block of compacted gummies? Opened another and exactly the same so onto the 3rd one and nothing in it really apart from a hard gel at the bottom Not impressed at all Sent a message last night asking for a refund or replacement of 3 but no answer. Unless matter resolved would avoid purchasing and go elsewhere. Will log with Fo as well cos I won’t be ripped off and un like on Facebook

Date of experience : September 30, 2021

No noticeable effect.

After 5 months supply of Kara’s orchard gummies there has been no improvement in my emotional health, calmness and sharpness of concentration. This was a dissappointing and expensive investment having researched cbd products thoroughly.

Date of experience : August 15, 2021

Don’t not buy from this company

I have since found out that this bogus company also uses the name kara’s orchard so please be aware of this site too ,im sure it just goes from one dodgy scam to another using different company names

Date of experience : October 05, 2021

Just a very very expensive gum

Just a very very expensive gum.

Overpriced, misleading sales promotion and no benefit whatsoever. Uses high-profile celebrities to unknowingly endorse products. Essentially a scam

Date of experience : October 04, 2021

Karas Orchards CBD Gummies UK

Karas Orchards CBD Gummies UK:- People who are clever and searching out an progressive manner to control their way of life are switching to CBD oil for lots true motives. However, not all CBD oils available in the market are secure and offer the claimed results. So, selection of the CBD oils have to be completed carefully. Kara’s Orchards CBD Gummies is the all-herbal and pure CBD oil sourced organically from certified hemp plant leaves. It is the CBD oil formulated with pure electricity hemp plant and it guarantees to help the customers to have complete manage over their life-style. It facilitates them address the continual conditions from root cause and permits them to lead a wholesome life-style with none chronic troubles. The CBD blessings the users in many methods by using selling healing results.

Date of experience : September 16, 2021

Very pleased up to now.

I have been taking the Gummies for 2 weeks and have noticed a real improvement in the level of pain and ease of movement. Very pleased up to now.

Date of experience : September 20, 2021

I tried them at one a day for 30 days…

I tried them at one a day for 30 days and found them to be absolutely useless, No pain reductshion whatsoever, SCAM.

Date of experience : August 23, 2021

Absolute waste of money did not work…

Absolute waste of money did not work for smoking and had no effect on pain for arthritis or fibromyalgia. Dont buy.

Date of experience : July 10, 2021

Made no difference at all

Made no difference at all. Told to trail it for a month but 30 day money back is from day of order. Refund refused

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Date of experience : July 31, 2021

Disappointed with this company whom I…

Disappointed with this company whom I believe includes Kara’s Orchard Gummies (CBD).
I took advantage, after researching, of purchasing their CBD Gummies on an offer of Buy 3 get 2 FREE. They were £39.60 each if you took the best offer so total to pay should have been £118.80 but they charged me £198. After getting over the shock I contacted them straight away asking if I could cancel my order, but No. They did refund the £79.20 overcharge and assured me if I wasn’t pleased after trying the Gummies they would refund 50% of my invoice, which I assumed would be £59.40. But again No. They argued that they had refunded me £79.20 (overcharge) and that my refund would be £19.80. How they came to that figure is beyond me – basically it’s £70.20 – £59.40. They ended our ‘live chat’ then. I suppose I should be grateful for getting anything after reading Facebook reviews, but every website you go to research Kara’s Orchard leads back to buying from their website. I don’t know whether this is a legitimate company but I won’t be recommending to anyone. Plus nearly all the negative comments on Facebook are being removed. Doesn’t sound good, does it.

UPDATE 30 June 2021
I would like to offer my apologies if I’ve misunderstood the information I found online yesterday. I went on to several websites and your name was quite clearly at the top on the left hand side so I assumed, wrongly, that Kara’s Orchard was possibly a subsidiary of Herbivore Industries as you were selling similar products.

Today, I have tried to find said information but every website, and Facebook, seems to have changed, and even though I copied information into a separate file for confirmation, that has also changed. So you can see from my point of view that it all seems a bit strange.

I am still disappointed in Kara’s Orchard as, is it a legitimate company or one of those bogus outfits. If any one can tell me I’d be very grateful.

So once again please accept my apologies as I really don’t like to give negative reviews.

Date of experience : June 29, 2021

This company is a scam

This company is a scam

After reading the ‘benefits’ of taking these gummies I bought some, and after taking them as directed for a month I became suspicious that these are nothing more than placebos as they made no difference to my aches and pains, so I doubled and then tripled the dose, again with no relief. I would stress that I’m not talking about proper pain I was experiencing, just aches in joints, back etc., the type of thing that these are purported to help. They also took about 5 weeks to arrive.

Oh well. you think. once bitten, twice shy, I will be more careful in future and dig into it a lot deeper before making the same mistake. I now find after digging in a bit more that the content out there with titles like ‘Is Kara’s CBD a scam?’ looks like it’s been put out there by the scammers themselves and does not address the issue at all. It has to be said that their SEO marketing is working extremely well!

This is only half the story, the other half is that if you place an order with this company they will automatically subscribe you to receive and pay for another pot of pills without your knowledge. I received an email weeks later which read
“You purchased Kara’s Orchards CBD Gummies 25mg from our site on May 22, 2021. And at the time time of checkout you also added Kara’s Orchards CBD Gummies 25mg to the order.
That order of Smart Cleanse Detox is currently processing and will be shipping soon. We will send you a separate email with a shipping Tracking Number in approximately 48 hours.” and then got a pot of pills in the post with no paperwork. At no point did I ever add any extra items, extra Gummies or Smart Cleanse Detox and this pot of pills was £53!

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After contacting them via the webchat I found out that they had subscribed me to monthly supplies of whatever it was (and not even relevant to me) which is the tune of £600 per year!

This practice is scandalous and unethical and I’ve alerted Trading Standards about them.

Is that all. No, the scammers are working different websites, the latest one I’ve found is try-green-cbd (unfortunately Trustpilot won’t allow any links in this text, so I can’t give you the exact URL. but if you Google their name and click on the first entries by mynewsdesk and then click the link to their website from that text.) They have the same excellent SEO working for this site as well, so on Googling it, you’ll see these ‘Is it a scam’ headings which take you to their own editorial advertising.

The gummies are now in the shape of a bear and come in a sweetie pack, the fake reviews on the site are exactly the same as the reviews on the Kara’s site and their terms are as follows (copied and pasted from the website):
Terms & Conditions:
This product is sold as a 60-day program with the price and product being divided into 3 installments. Depending on the selected number of products the price per installment will vary. For 2 bags, each installment is £119.49. For 3 bags, each installment is £159.85 and for 5 bags, each installment is £198.78. The 60 day program begins when the customer signs up, and then the first installment is due 30 days after the initial purchase, and the final installment is due 60 days after the initial purchase. The secondary product is optionally sold as a bottle add on purchase with the initial order.

So the last sentence tells you that apparently you’re signing up for a ‘secondary’ product of who knows what and at who knows how much!

How can these people get away with such flagrant dishonesty?

Date of experience : July 21, 2021

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Kara’s Orchards CBD Gummies

Tinnitus is the perception of noises in the head and/or ear which have no external source, it is often described as buzzing or ringing in the ears. The British Tinnitus Association’s vision is a world where no one suffers from tinnitus.

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